Airport Transfer Services to Any Hotel in Marsa Alam: Your Hassle-Free Solution with FreeNow Taxi

Egypt’s transportation industry is pretty complicated and irregulated. Prices, meters, choices, locations, and many other things can vary and all of those create confusion.  In addition to that, the taxis in the Hurghada airport are pretty rare. So, if you plan to visit Egypt and need a taxi to any destination, especially Hurghada Marsa Alam transfer, it is better to start planning in advance.

Some drivers can also try to trick visitors by taking them on a long road. In order to avoid the confusion and risk of being lied to, you have to get a taxi service from a reliable and trustworthy company. Such a company is Free Now Taxi.

Free Now Taxi Company offers several services, however, the major one is the taxi service. The company provides transportation to 9 major locations including Hurghada, Makadi bay, El Gouna, Sahl Hashesh, Cairo, Luxor, Safaga, Port Galieb, and transfer Hurghada Marsa Alam.

Friendly Pick-Up Drivers

The company has welcome pickup drivers that will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate. This will give you chance to travel stress-free and with comfort. Two main types of transportation are offered by Free Now Taxi company, one is the Sedan car, and the other is Van with the capacity to transfer 8 people.

User-friendly Booking System

Hurghada Marsa Alam taxi booking process is very simple and easy and can be done and confirmed in just under a minute. The booking system and tool are very easy to use and make the whole process much easier for the travel arrangers and travelers themself.


All cars of Free Now Taxi are in a good shape, frequently checked and cared for. The vehicles are clean and comfortable. All cars have air-conditioning system. In addition to that, the drivers are friendly and helpful. They will help you to put the bags in the car, and will be great companions during the trip.

Range Of Services Offered By Free Now Taxi

Apart from the taxi Hurghada Marsa Alam, the Free Now Taxi company has other services to offer too. Services include transfer by destination, Transfer delivery, Airport Transfer, Car rental, and even touristic activities. The activities include excursions in the city and nearby historic and cultural places. So, let’s explore those features up close.

Taxi price from Hurghada to Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam Hurghada transfer can be done in several ways. However, to avoid additional stress and complications, it is recommended to either rent a car or get a taxi. The local and individual taxis typically do not have a predetermined charge system. Therefore, you are not guaranteed to get a flat rate.

Book Now Taxi company offers the best price on the market and the cost is equivalent to the service and destination. Additionally,  It is relaxing, smooth, quick, and reliable. It has set, flat rates, you just need to look for the destination you are looking for and the price will be visible on their website.

Transferring Hurghada Marsa Alam, with a Sedan car, which holds up to 3 people costs €97,99. Additionally, Van Marsa Alam Taxi will cost you €122,99. The van has a capacity of 8 people. The car can hold two suitcases. Those prices are fixed fees no matter in which hotel of Marsa Alam you are going to. You can make a payment in advance, or another option is to pay in cash after your arrival.

Why book your Hurghada Marsa Alam Transfer with us?

When traveling, the most important factor of satisfaction is comfort. Having comfort around you makes the whole experience much more enjoyable and in the end, you will get the holiday of a lifetime with countless joyful moments.

However, even the little things can affect the mood and overall happiness. One of those things is transportation. In foreign countries, it is quite difficult to move around at first. To avoid additional problems and difficulties, it is very essential to have someone who you trust.

So, if you need Marsa Alam Hurghada and vice versa transfer, it is highly recommended to use the service of Book Now Taxi. Imagine, first of all, you are welcomed by a nice, friendly driver.  Your chauffeur stands right outside the arrivals gate, holding your name and smiling. This can be the positive beginning of your beautiful journey.

About the trip from Hurghada to Marsa Alam

After greeting, you are brought to a comfortable, cozy, clean vehicle. All can agree that it can get pretty unbearable hot in Egypt. Therefore, the cool breath of an air conditioner can be truly like heaven. Plus, all essential agreements will be made beforehand. You will have nothing to worry about, only lay back and observe the streets of Hurghada and Marsa Alam from the car window.

The trip from Hurghada airport to Marsa Alam starts at the Hurghada airport. After meeting the driver, and returning to the car, the trip to Marsa Alam begins. The distance between those two locations is around 166kms.  Depending on the location of your hotel, the journey can be around 3 to 3.5 hours long.

As you drive along the streets, the driver will explain some of the interesting facts and secrets of the locations. On the way, you will be able to see Al mina mosque, Badawya Safari, Mahmya, Mini Egypt, Sharm El-Naga, and many more beautiful places.

Final Thoughts

Egypt is an amazing, must-visit destination for people from all around the world. If you arrived at Hurghada airport and need to go to Marsa Alam, there are several options, which also include Public transport. However, you may not want to spend 8-10 hours on public transport, carrying around your luggage between the transfers. This will only make you exhausted and tired.

One of the safest, easiest, and most viable ways to transfer Hurghada Marsa Alam is by getting a taxi. However, in this case, too, you need to be careful, not all drivers can be trustworthy. This is why it is essential to get your transfer taxi from a company you can depend on and trust. Such a company is Free Now Taxi, which provides high-quality service, transportation, rentals, activities, and many more at an appropriate price.


How much is the taxi price from Airport to Marsa Alam?

To get from Airport to Marsa Alam, the taxi prices start from €80.

What should I do if my flight is delayed?

Pickup drivers are aware of the information regarding the flight. So, if the flight gets delayed or arrival time changes, the company will definitely have information on this. So, there is no need to worry.

Where should I meet my Welcome Pickups driver?

Once you come out of the arrivals gate,  your pickup driver will be there, waiting for you. The driver will have a welcome sign holding with your name on it. You will get an email from our company regarding the meeting point and other important information. In addition to that, you will also have a photo of the welcome driver.